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Radio LCMM #95 : Apple Q4 2013

12 novembre 2013

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Liens mentionnés durant cet épisode

Chez Apple

  • Apple’s Quarterly Earnings Reveal Solid Growth – 33.8 Million iPhones and 14.1 Million iPads Sold this Past Quarter (padgadget)
  • Apple Reports Q4 2013 Year-End Results: $7.5 Billion Profit on $37.5 Billion in Revenue [Call Concluded] (macrumors)

Nouvelles de la semaine

  • Apple releases update for Mavericks (Macrumors)
  • Apple Says Manufacturing Defect is Responsible for Battery Issues in Some iPhone 5s Devices (macrumors)
  • iPad Air Graphics Performance 40-70% Better Than iPad 4 (macrumors)
  • iPad Air Benchmarks Show a Nearly 2x Improvement over iPad 4 (padgadget)
  • Apple Preparing Update for Unresponsive Keyboard/Trackpad Issue in New 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro (macrumors)
  • Western Digital Warns External Hard Drive Customers Over Mavericks Data Loss (macrumors)
  • Apple Working on Fix for OS X Mavericks Mail App Issues (macrumors)
  • OS X Mavericks Taps Ambient Light Sensors to Detect Motion and Prevent System Sleep (macrumors)
  • iPad Keyboard Slow to Respond After iOS7 Upgrade? Here are Some Possible Fixes (padgadget)
  • Apple Launches New iPad Air Videos (padgadget)

Vos coups de coeurs de la semaine


        Jeu : Heartstone (gratuit, Mac OS X)

        Jeu : Type Rider (3,99$, iOS universel)

        App : Runkeeper (gratuit, iPhone)


        Livre : Lone Survivor (7.99$, iBooks)

        Film : Blood Shot (17.99$, iTunes)

        Jeu : LEGO Lord of the Rings (39.99$, Mac OS X)